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About HealthGenie

At the heart of all the Isabel DDx systems including HealthGenie is its cutting edge, proprietary Disease Pattern Recognition Engine Platform (DPREP). The engine is powered by innovative, statistical natural language processing software which understands the meaning and context of unstructured free text. This is applied to our medical database of disease presentations which comprises thousands of carefully selected, evidence-based documents describing the multiple ways that over 10,000 conditions can present. The engine has effectively been trained over almost two decades on virtually every known possible presentation of the majority of all known diseases. The initial results from the DPREP are then passed through an additional set of algorithms tuned over many years to ensure that only those results relevant to the patient’s age, gender and geographical region are displayed. It is this unique structure, very different from the more traditional rules-based systems, which gives our systems many inherent advantages:

  • Easy to use yet able to rapidly handle any permutation of clinical features
  • Scalability makes it easy to maintain, update and expand
  • Published API makes it easy to integrate into other systems
  • Platform structure enables the same core system to serve many different audiences from clinicians to patients and in multiple languages.

Benefitting from close to two decades of continuous development, validation and clinician feedback, Isabel today is widely acknowledged as the most accurate and versatile system available. When clinicians say they have ‘Isabeled\HealthGenied a patient you know they have thought carefully about their diagnosis and are providing high quality, cost effective care.

Free Symptom Checker

HealthGenie covers over 3,700 conditions which makes it the most comprehensive triage/symptom tool!